Spur Making Supplies

Spur Making Supplies

Spur Making Supplies

Spur making supplies pictured here are spur shanks, heel band material and spur rowels as well as the loops and steel straps for the hangers.

First of all you need good steel for your handmade spurs either 4130 or 1018 mild steel will work 4130 will hold up better for hard everyday use but on the other hand 1018 may be a little easier to use for the beginner spur maker. I know how it is if you get the bug to want to make some spurs you need the materials quick so you can get started. A good thickness is 3/16 thick for the heel bands because by the time you blend your welds the metal will start to thin down and you want to keep it as thick as possible so the spurs will hold up.

The width of the heel bands that I make run from 3/4″,  7/8″ , 1″, 1 1/8″ The 3/4″ width is for roping spurs and the 7/8″ for ladies spurs. The most common width for my spurs is 1″ this is a good all around width not to heavy not to light.

The thickness for the spur shanks is 1/2″ although a long time ago I used 3/8″ which is just a little thin and I like the balance the 1/2″ thickness gives to a spur. Mild steel will work just fine for spur shanks and is readily available a little easier to find locally than 1/2″ 4130.


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